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12/11/2018 3:02:25 AM

The best way Bungie can update Destiny 2 throughout its lifespan - Part 3

[b]Grenade Buffs[/b] [u]Fusion, Flux, Magnetic Grenade[/u] -Increased base damage by 15 [u]Tripmine Grenade[/u] -Increased base damage by 10 [u]Lightning Grenade[/u] -Increased Lightning Grenade durability by 50% -Increased Blast Radius by 0.5m [u]Vortex Grenade[/u] -Increased base damage by 5 [b]Economy Changes[/b] [u]Mods and Mod Components[/u] -Increased chance for Legendary and Exotic Armor to drop Mod Components upon dismantling them by 5% -Reduced cost of mods sold by Banshee from 10 Mod Components to 7 Mod Components -Banshee sells three mods, rather than two -Removed Glimmer cost for applying mods to weapons and gear -Now allows Year 1 weapons to use mods [u]Masterw--[/u] I mean, [u]Enhancement Cores[/u] -Spider Bounties reward 3 Enhancement Cores, rather than 1 -More difficult Scrapper Bounties reward 2 Enhancement Cores, rather than 1 -Finest Matterweave lasts for 2 hours, rather than until after killing a powerful enemy -20% chance to get 1 Enhancement Core upon completing a challenge [u]Infusion[/u] -Reduced Glimmer cost by 50% -Reduced Legendary Shard cost by 60% -Reduced Enhancement Core cost by 33% -Removed Enhancement Core cost from infusion when infusing two weapons of the same archetype, or when infusing armor for the same class [u]Masterworks[/u] -Masterwork cost increase for weapons starts 1 level later, allowing for slightly reduced cost of Masterworking -Reduced base cost of final Masterwork level by 20% -Increased chance for rewarded Legendary Gear to have a Masterwork level of 2 or higher by 5% -Increased chance for rewarded Legendary Weapons to have a Masterwork level of 3 or higher by 5% [b]Gunsmith Telemetry[/b] -Increased effectiveness by 10x



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