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12/4/2018 2:22:22 AM

FOR THE LUV OF HUMANITY, EVERY SEEKER OF TRUTH SHOULD CHECK THESE LINKS!!! The ancient ones are waking up soon. Wi have to do something. Eye wish eye had the money to break into Antarctica with tranquilizers n sheet. EXELLENT site, HORRIBLE 'people' (REPTILIANS!!! EVEN ROSANNBAR ON JRE ADMITTED TO PLEAIDIAHNS AND REPTILIANS, CHECK HOW THEY LIFT DEIR HEADS UP FOR THEIR TONGUES!!! Eye may know an alien.....further info is required before eye go too deep on that one....been awhile since eye've seen 'im....hope the mutual frend is okay, lost contact with 'im) Seriously, wi gotta do something....weird how this org claims to be and seems in most respects very ANTI this type of shyt...perhaps a select few in one part of it....further research is required.... WELL DUH!!!! Not that they're that great either....every1 ha problems of course. Dyks vs. Azhols.....poosees and bewbs at stake..... Of course.....been at wahr with 'em for over a century....and still kickn azz! And eye am going to wage peace against all of 'em, and eye say that because fighting for peace/going to wahr for peace is like screwing for vrginity -Georg Crlin Yup. Protect yr children from the Gews and the race-mixing being Forced upon uhs....(NOT turning in muh voluntarist card as an anarchist, LEGIT relationships are fine even between races, it's the subliminal and even outright FORCE, such as some bullying in the pr0n industry to do such, or guilt-tripping that is the problem). It's NOT a Gew problem, (NOT ALL) it's a Zio problem. Not all Zios are Gews even. Bolshys aren't better tho. Some INCREDIBLE comments, history lessons, in the comment section eye HIGHLY recommend reading! FUHK the Rothchylds n Hapsbrgs!!! DEY EVL!!! DEY R NO GAWDS OF MEYN!!! DEY R NOT DESCENDANTS OF GAWDS, BUT EVL ALIENS!!! Really sux to see this backlash against DocJBP over the one post about Kav, because eye agree with 'im, this dude is a dbag but being framed as a villain to some so the status quo of the truther/people/altmedia movement can see 'im as a hero and be painted as a victim, thus any criticism, LEGIT ones, are seen as the opposition, when NO ONE is talking about the REAL ISSUES! Am not a radical feminzi but this dood is pro surveillance state, anti freedom, and only to help protect Truhmp from lawsuits. Don't care about the beer bashes 35 yrs ago. Wimmin r craycray. Water is wet. A based blak womahn criticizes Gews and gets away with it, yeehaw! Great history lessons in the comment section!!! Go get 'im Luk! USE THE FORCE! Whachyual think of the beehf between these two gentlemen? Sucks to see infighting, but shills should be called out. Interesting.



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