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12/3/2018 2:58:45 PM

Every single political commenter here needs to watch this short video, it'll better their lives forever and ever. It has to stop. On all sides. Inb4theXcrowdcallmselfYand YcrowdcallmselfXbecauseeyedipintoZandbothXandYdipintoZ FUHK radical thinking. It's NOT healthy! Just because eye'm not advocating for the methodology of -5 does NOT mean eye am for the agenda of +5 or vice versa, when eye just wanna go back to 0 on a scale. Yew didn't build that nor did yuh enslave them. EVERY1 has an ancestor who was a slave or slavemaster. Yew are an INDIVIDUAL, SOVEREIGN ET AL, with yr OWN accomplishments and OWN syns/problems/issues. Yew reap what yew reap alone and sow what yew sow alone and are judged by deity accordingly by yr actions. Don't raise yr children or buy into the hype of either the raysyst blax raysyst whyts raysyst whatevers tellin' yuh to take pride in yr ancestor's accomplishments and that ONLY THEY created civilization and it's genetic and due to race OR on the flip-side, pander to people who did not and bow yr heads in shame, FUHK BOTH OF THOSE LINES OF THINKING! FUHK THE ALTRYT AND THE RADICAL LEFT! THEY ARE ONE IN THE SAME! Humility, NOT deprecation, confidence NOT arrogance. Humility and confidence. NOT deprecation or arrogance. Peace.Luv.AndANARCHY!



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