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Buff lightning, tripmine and spike grenade.

I literally never see these grenades in use for anything. There might be a few people who use them in crucible, but I can't tell you the last time I've seen any of these in crucible other than when I've used them myself. They are pretty much the worst grenades in the game because the way maps are designed limits their use by pairing wonky surfaces with either overly tight maps or maps that are just wide open. In pve this is their biggest problem and why next to nobody uses them ever. Lightning grenade: [spoiler]bungie took it's balancing a little bit too far, as they made it not only have a wind up timer, but also made it far far weaker near the edges of the cone. It can, at the center, deal 157 damage in crucible, but if you are a little further away, it deals 97 damage, then at the very end it does 67 damage. In Destiny 1, it used to do 122 across the board just for being hit by it and I understand why they changed it, but it's just overkill, especially in pve. I think making it deal 122 damage at the middle and slightly outer layers of the lightning, with 90 being the minimum it can do would really help. In pve, they could leave it's current damage alone, but just improve the damage on the edge. In pve, since enemies never stand still, they are usually on the outer cone of it and are taking damage lesser than a pulse grenade at slower rates. Finally, it's wind up it has in place. This is what hinders the grenade the most. If it already wasn't challenging enough to place this grenade properly on the Destiny 2 maps, they gave it a wind up timer that takes about roughly .90 of a second to activate. Although it doesn't sound bad, within that short time, your target could do one of the following: Shoot it, walk away from it, jump into the outer edges of the damage cone where it's less effective, or teleport in some shape or form (pve). Since there's rarely usable walls to pin your grenade to, the enemies will just have time to walk out of the most effective part of the grenade. That is ridiculous. Decrease it's timer to be .30 seconds. It doesn't work most of the time in this faster moving meta and it wasn't even effective during year 1 because it was so slow. I've gotten a few lucky kills with it, but it's so challenging to use at times where other grenades would be more effective an easier to use *cough* pulse grenade.[/spoiler] Tripmine grenades: [spoiler]I'm sorry, I'm going to have to apologize for tripmine grenade. I haven't used them very much in Destiny 2 and I don't have the time right now to test out its damage, so I'm not going to speak for that on its behalf, but I've seen a lot of comments in other tripmine posts about the activation time, and I think this too is the reason it's not as effective. It's similar to lightning grenade in that they aren't quick enough in Destiny 2 for the current meta in either crucible or pve. Back in Destiny 1, tripmine had a huge amount of power that get nerfed over the years. I noticed however, it's popularity never really decreased due to its ability to still dish out punishment. I think it shouldn't one shot in the current meta where no other grenade can one shot exists, but it should definitely activate faster. If you cross that red line of death, you shouldn't have the ability to walk out of it. It should have a faster activation time to better suit it's utility. Even the ones I have encountered in crucible, I've ended up just running through them and taken minimal damage. It shouldn't work like that if it's placed properly. Next, maybe reduce the visibility of the grenade to enemy players, but allow the Hunter to see it through walls. What this would do, is allow it to work more like a trap so the hunters can account for flanking enemies. Although you could hear somebody shoot it, it wouldn't provide the same level of utility. Plus they could keep track of where it went.[/spoiler] Spike grenade: [spoiler]I haven't particularly used these grenades in Destiny 2, but I actually liked to use them in Destiny 1. These grenades have never been bad...but never particularly good without a proper set up. I think that being because it's a damage over time grenade, and not just a big fat burst of damage like tripmine and lightning grenade. I think increasing its overall dps to allow for it to kill faster in crucible, as well as increasing its damage in PvE could go a long way with this one. This one doesn't particularly suffer from a wind up, but I think it should be instantly active from the get go. Its a damage over time grenade that requires more precision than any other damage over time grenade in the game. It should be fast. I think maybe increasing its duration a bit would be a good idea. I know that nightstalker has a perk that extends the duration of all the grenades, but without that perk, this grenade has such a short duration. I think increasing it by about 0.5 extra second(s) could improve it a bit as well as make it more effective with the other nightstalker tree.[/spoiler] This is for all of them, increase their durability in PvE. The enemy shouldn't be able to break them especially when it's already easy enough for them to just walk out of their cones of damage. My reasons as to why, including the buffs themselves, are inside the spoilers, but since they are long, I'll leave a tl;Dr below. Tl;Dr: Decrease lightning grenades center cone damage from 157 to 122, but average out the outer cone to deal a MINIMUM of 90 damage. Don't change the pve damage, but improve the outer cone effectiveness. Reduce the wind up timer to .30 seconds. Reduce tripmine activation time to allow for more consistent maximum damage. Decrease it's visibility for enemies and allow hunters to see it through walls as a highlighted trap. (Double functions as damage and an alert for enemies) Increase spike grenades damage in both pve and PvP. Extend its base duration by .5 of a second. Increase activation speed to allow for more consistent damage.



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