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10/9/2018 11:05:26 AM

Very easy to lose sight of throwing hammer

The throwing hammer (melee ability in 'code of the devastator' tree) doesn't have any sort of UI help after being thrown, and because of that it's sometimes very difficult to find out where it went. Add to that the fact that the hammer rebounds in unpredictable ways. Sometimes it'll bounce back perfectly, sometimes it'll go to the opposite side you're expecting, and sometimes it'll just drop to the ground in the same position as it hit the enemy. It should be noted that sometimes it's really hard to see where it went with all the commotion and the 'fireworks' that go off during a firefight. Some sort of UI help, or more predictable rebound direction would be really great. The throwing hammer is really fun to use, so something to make it less tedious to 'solve the riddle' of where it went would be fantastic.



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