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To C a t t y W a m p u s(mainly):......Yeah! (on the topic of kneeling/virtue-signalling)

This user was just scrolling thru the kneeling thread and saw yr comment about the couch potatoes and F a u x News having selective outrage and Gell-MannAmnesia and virtue-signalling with bought-n-paid for jersey/gear-burning. Not a Kap supporter (far from it), nor am eye a 'lib'/'libtard', nor am eye bought-n-paid for by any particular proxy group run by a Gewish or Muzzi contingent or political party or State government agency as a part of some cult-ure creation psy-op/espionage wit bad ally actors/actresses for beta-bux. This user is a human being with AnCap anarchist (voluntarist) beliefs (in mainstream/layman's terms: libertarian on steroids) and is more of a 'patriot' than these so-called 'patriots', same with 'freedom-fighting-revolutionarism' than the 'freedom-fighter-revolutionaries' the antifuh commie members are self-proclaimed as.....and grossly, INCORRECTLY labeled 'anarchists'. One is either a strict constructionalist (in regards to the B o R/Const) or NOT, but both sides are total hypocrites on matters and BOTH want to aggress and restrict one's freedoms, either of speech or movement across open, un-owned land, or from private property to private property even if invited, same with the abort-debate (pro-life is a loaded term, one can be pro-choice and anti-aborting like this user, the idea the personal is the political is postmodern horssht!!!). Look at the 9th Amend. Where is the reason and rationality and idealism and self-esteem and critical thinking? Oh, right, DESTROYED by years of indoctrination by the n W o the Infowahr-types (used to be a massive fan) CLAIM to be fighting against but seem merely a smaller, albeit better smelling and looking tentacle of the same leviathan, just a different oligarchy masquerading as a tyranny or democracy of P l a t o n i c government, ALL of which (Look up Thmas Jefrsn's critques of P l a t o and mocking 'im) To be 'right-winged' is to believe in the primacy of individual Rights OVER that of the collective, whereas 'leftists' on the false-left-right paradigm are the 'muh greater good'-types that need to learn the story of what the road to perdition is paved with. The goalposts just moved to be so left, that right-wingers are mostly near-leftists/radical centrists. Without this devolving into a No True Scotsmn fallacy, true right-wingers, well, not all, one is 'righter' than AnCaps/libertarians because it's a diagonal sliding scale, the political spectrum, one is either authoritarian or libertarian, either of the group or individual over a group or individual regardless. Left-right = size/scope/methodology, and up-down/north-south = ideology/size/scope. Get it? As YronBrook of the A y n R a n d I n s t i t u t e said, the group cannot reason, only the individual is capable of reason. Look up the 3 definitions of fascism: Hitlr's 'corporatocratic/kakistocratic socializing of people', Musso's 'fallible bolstering, disregarding the individual's human condition', and Orwel's 'everyone this individual doesn't like or finds authoritarian is fashyst waah!' Commies seek to socialize goods/products/tion/services, fashies seek to socialize services/people, socialists (demo-socies) seek to socialize services, ALL have socialist roots and ALL SUUUUUUCCKK and as now-sell-out-StefnMolynu said, communizm is Saytanik. HOW ABOUT NO SOCIALIZE AT ALL, AT LEAST IN THE DEFINITION THAT IT IS INVOLUNTARY!? VOLUNTARISM NOT MANDATORISM INDIVIDUALISM NOT COLLECTIVISM FREEDOM IS FREEDOM KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM IS POWER PEACE IS PEACE This is all subconcious needs/wants for cowardice/narcissistic psychopathy (vanity plus virtue = narcissism incarnate) ideologues and undecideds also fueled by pragmatism gone amuck (high-time-preference) from fear pr0n by merchants on ALL SIDES signalling for friendship and courtship and using these football-team-mentalities of X = Y because X dips into Z and Y dips into Z. Can a CEO not ride a bus? Can a capitalist not be a vegan? So on and so forth. Loads of former military peepz like Adm Kohkesh talked about got milked by lefties for program money/laundering yet when the other 'side' takes over.....not one word about the U S S Liberty......oh, 'merica's greatest allies yuh say???? Missing trillion plus from 9 / 11? Well then..... With friends like these....WHO NEEDS ENEMIES!? /rant



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