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Pre-Launch Thoughts

I have a few thoughts and opinions before the launch of Forsaken 1) I'm cautious to like the new infusion mechanic. I have noticed that planetary materials drop in stacks now, but I'm not sure I'm crazy about eating 10 materials for an infusion. I can understand this requirement for unlike weapons, but this is overkill for armor infusion. I'll make a final conclusion at launch once I see how often you send me hunting. 2) Shader sharding is still obnoxious and tedious. This still does not make up for the disaster that is D2 shaders. Why not give us back D1 shaders by combining X amount of shaders. This will give us a grind to get X amount, but still leaves us the option to shade our weapons. I know this would take A LOT of development and planning, but it's a thought. 3) Ammo Economy will be fixed on Tuesday, right? Because there's all these perks that talk about heavy ammo drop, so I'm confident it will be fixed once we can equip a new set of gear ... right?



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