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9/21/2018 12:45:46 AM

To C a p t a i n H o T h (mainly): Wanna talk shop? (the socio-political climate and economics)

Just saw some of yr posts, good -isht. Fairly in-line with this user's personal bias as a human being with AnCap-minded anarchist/voluntar(y)ist beliefs, but also objectively accurate takes on 'society' as a whole. It's a weird combination of hilarious and disturbing to see the hypocrisy of the overly right-brain-dominant fragile Procrustean progressive-left and overly left-brain-dominant robust reactionary Epithean 'new'-right ('alt-lite' civic- or values-based sometimes ultra-nationalists/'alt-right' ethno-crowd) when, in fact, they are both virtually identical, almost one-in-the-same. The parasitic reciprocal relationship they share in the outrage cult-ure of the modern times lends itself all too well to carny charlatanism and a furthering of the eschaton and destruction of truth in this post-facts (narrative-favoring), post-activism (it doesn't work out that well anymore and is tantamount to terrorism) world. One should not respond to identitarianism with identitarianism, which is narcissism incarnate (virtue plus vanity). This is fundamentally (by the M a r k P a s s i o definition, as well as the sell-out Stefy Moly definition of) Say-tan-ik! This user has seen this coming and heard from even some great, young people years younger than this user almost half-a-decade ago that the 'left' is becoming increasingly communist and the 'right' is becoming increasingly fascist, and when one side calls the other (or more accurately, individuals of either category) such words, it is imperative for the other to be antithetical to those words, because otherwise they become accurate. But some people may not care, anymore at least, if those terms are accurate or not, at least for those on the ('new') 'right' now, because of the way the 'winds of change' are blowing and the onus of the status quo being in their favor, they get plausible deniability and a free reign of impunity, at lest until people exercise critical thinking more and someone is able to properly, perfectly, expose them at their own game with enough evidence and time allotted in front of their audience of sycophants. Honesty, principles, consistency, constancy, meritocracy, productivity....these words mean something to people when it comes to relationships (males especially) and such a flawed left-right paradigm enabled by the internet's sub-cult-ures and with E r i c E r i k s o n 's stages of child development in-mind being screwed with due to past errors by the government (intrusions and break-ups of the nuclear patriarchal family unit as well as shame by those who are proponents of such microscopic analyzing), it's not hard to realize what on Earth is happening: fanatical 'lynsiite radicalization of the masses for nefarious purposes in a sick, twisted M a l t h u s i a n of game of population control by the 'elite' dynastic families serving negative hyper-dimensional forces. Also found in B a t m a n a n d P s y c h o l o g y by L a n g l e y, (B a t m a n a n d P h i l o s o p h y by I r w i n is good too, as well as other books in the I r w i n series) read S t e r n b e r g 's triangular theory of relationships, one needs all three types listed for truly consummate affection, and post-modern rhetoric such as 'the personal' being 'the political' is creating, or at least encouraging de-actualized, de-individuated 'thought-slaves', as it was aptly put in the comment section of one of yr posts here, de-humanizing each other over petty differences, mainly of the mind, and ignoring the heart, allowing the loins to be the 'cart' put before the 'carriage' of the heart, as 440hz mind-control the music industry perpetuates thrives off of. Doctor C a r l J u n g warned the world of this years ago, but few took heed, or even heard such a message, and it bears repeating, because if it is not heard, by people who were not around then to hear it originally, it needs to be heard, now more than ever, so as to allow more to listen to it. Doctor J o r d a n B P e t e r s o n and J o a n n a W i l l i a m s also talk about this in recent years and there's very well-done work done by the Foundation for Economic Education on these topics as well this user would recommend checking out. E s o t e r i c E n t i t y is very good as well as many in the anarchist-genre of YT (shameless plug) such as B r a v e t h e W o r l d and the folks about peaceful parenting and 'schoolsucks' and T h e D o l l a r V i g i l a n t e and (fck), just to name a few. This user has tried plugging some books and educating some people here before in off-topic, to no avail and got nothing but harassed for it, so maybe check out those posts as well, there are some good books and other works and links listed in them. C o n f u c i u s and B u c k m i n s t e r F u l l e r agree, instant gratification sucks and is unhealthy and one must endeavor more to change, not the goals of a situation, but the action steps. As J o n a t h a n H a i d t noted in 'T h e R i g h t e o u s M i n d', these 'talking heads' (para-political pundit[th0t]s) usually only offer 'sugar and salt', as opposed to a healthy myriad of tasty sensations in more well-thought-out ethos-logos-pathos appeal sets when attempting to persuade a audience of something, and fall back to advocating 'force' as the means to achieve such a 'power' over people. If one reads 'P o w e r v s. F o r c e' by D a v i d H a w k i n s or the critically-acclaimed and lauded D o n M i g u e l self-help books, or listens to A d a m W i l l i a m s' AVATAR course's rhetoric, one should realize that 'force' is not only not necessarily the only path to power but not even the best, effective and efficient form of power over someone. S c o r r i e's '1 9 8 4 and P h i l o s o p h y' exposes how these pundits operate, it's sick. Interjecting opinion with a given article is not practicing good journalistic ethics, nor a case of having integrity when one 'false-flags' one's self into the spotlight, becoming a 'cry-bully' for 'beta-bucks', possibly as a proxy for a proxy war between State governments and/or secret societies like the Owhls vs. the Spidrs in the 'luminti. It's really just all for resources, as all wars are fought for, and social issues are window dressing for poor to stomach being the tools for, all oligarchies, just some masquerading as tyrannies or democracies, apart of some club of similar people, even related to each other, proxies themselves of bad ideas and negative forces. Both fascism, classical and progressive, and communism, classical and progressive, both have socialist roots, classical or progressive, and none of these let alone in any format of P l a t o's three flawed forms of State (involuntary) government (mind-control, etymologically) work! So long as there is a scarcity of resources (whatever that may entail), any and all forms of distributism (involuntary ones namely), DO.NOT.WORK. Imagine flightless (for the most part) beings in a valley filled with greens to consume that is flooded periodically selling out to predators overhead that also swoop down to those consumers to be placed onto a hilltop where there are less greens but also out of the way of the flooding, but also a lower distance for the predators to swoop down to and less energy for those beings to grow larger wings and learn to fly. G r e a t K i n g M o g g l e m o g t h e 1 2 t h has enslaved those poor c h o c o b o s. (Continued below for length-purposes)....



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