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Crazy Melee Hammer Damage - Wormgod Caress

I noticed early on that the Titan code of the devastator had a very powerful melee (obvious statement is obvious), but paired with Roaring Flames buff, ability kills increase damage, that thing hits like a truck. However, I discovered a way to make the hammer even more nutty. Enter the Exotic Titan Gauntlets: Wormgod Caress. Its perk stacks melee damage after each kill up to 5 times, which stacks with Roaring Flames, stacks 3 times. I was doing close to 77000 damage from a thrown hammer at Power level 500 in The Hollowed Liar Strike. For comparison, that is roughly 2.5 times more damage than the D.A.R.C.I. Exotic Sniper getting a precision headshot with Personal Assistant. The drawbacks: Requires 5 kills to get the momentum going with the hammer. Burning Fist only lasts for 3 seconds, which means getting at least 5 melee kills within about 15 seconds while trying to constantly catch the hammer. Is kind of just a gimmick, a cool gimmick, but still. The benefits: HOLY FRAZNAK THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE!!! And also constant health regen, provided you pick up the hammer consistently, which is kind of necessary for this. Edit: 77000 is the number with 3 stacks of Roaring Flames and 4 stacks of Burning Fists. The damage output for a full 5 stack of Burning Fists plus 3 times Roaring Flames is closer to 84000. Slight error.



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