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9/5/2018 9:40:47 AM

BUG: 'Traveler's Chosen' Sidearm from Collections Cannot be Moved or Deleted from Inventory

If you draw a version of the 'Traveler's Chosen' sidearm (your original common level gun from the very start of D2) then becomes permantly stuck in your inventory taking up a slot as you cannot move it to your Vault, delete it or even transfer it to another character via DIM etc. I stupidly made 3 of them when I exactly hit light/power level 400 with the idea of having 1 for each of my characters at the same light level they where at the end of D1 so I've now lost 3 kinetic weapon slots on my main character. I had hoped Bungie would repeat what they did with the Khvostov 7G-0X in D1 and have you getting a legendary or exotic version of your D2 starting gun as with the 'Traveler's Chosen' it is a unique and cool looking weapon that you sadly only use for just a few minutes. So instead I did this and, as I said, silly me but I don't think I should loose 3 weapon slots for this decision, Bungie please fix asap as I've seen a Reddit topic where others have got the same problem with this weapon.



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