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Some differences I realized between my old love Destiny and my new love Star Wars The old Republic...

First of all, I will introduce myself a bit. I'm a loyal destiny player... I mean I was for the entire D1 lifespan and also for nearly the entire D2Y1 lifespan. Alltogether I have more than maybe 6000h as total count in both games. So, I played a big amount of time Destiny at all. Also, this is a long text and I won't be able to fix all grammar issues I may do, bc english isn't my main language. I still hope you understand what I try to say here :D Go on :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, with SoH I switched after the 2 weeks on my pc to play some Overwatch there but then I brought up again SWtoR on my play shedule. Now, I play regulary every day only this game (like I did with Destiny). In general I'm not a classical MMO fan but some aspects of SWtoR still keep me playing. I list some of those aspects and features I would like to see in Destiny too: - First of all, we have syncronize speakers in SwtoR. And for each class one different per gender. [i](I know that Bungie knows that we want SP back)[/i] - Player trading and galactical market. I know this is very controversial in combination of a loot shooter but I think many people, which don't have the time to play for all the stuff, would gladly accept player trading and a market for guns and armor, which aren't exotic or quest related. - Crafting! So this is in SWtoR a big part of the endgame to reach the max. Item rank. You grind for materials, set up your companions on the correct craftmanship and work for those Items (or buy them for ca. 5.000.000 credits on the galactical market). This feature keeps you busy, if you care about your item rank there. The good point is, that those "extra levels" are just important for group operations and hardcore mission ([i]highest difficulty)[/i]. [u]To say the truth, I'm still not at this point in the endgame but I hope one day I will.[/u] - Different class stories. So, this is something I expected when I started D1 after the beta. That we have missions and dialouges/cutscenes with different appearance for each class. In D2 we have such things in this small Adventure about cabal Technology which works only with this black fluid (Asher Mir say, if you decide to "hack" the fluid as a Titan, that he had never seen a Titan which refuses to blow things up). I personally would really love to see more variaty in the class experience throught the Story and adventures. - Guild Fortress and ships. Or better name it clan roomings and ships. Do I have to say more about that? Look at Warframe and the Dojos. Then you know all you Need to know :D -Now the last part. Roleplay (or for me, the real endgame. "Define your own legend, Guardian"). Yeah I know some of you might say "what a stupid thing" but in MMORPG's like SWtoR I see many people which do roleplay (and that very proffessional). Theoretically we can do that on pc with the text Chat there, but on console it is not possible. More Options for that and a Keyboard/Chat support on console would help too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This are just some things I love about SWtoR and would like to see in D2 and 3 in the future. I know, we have more QoL Problems in D2 but most of them will be fixed with Forsaken andwe don't know what the future will bring us. But still Guardians, I would like to hear whatyou wish for our future in the Destiny universe. Maybe some of you let me know it in the comments ;)



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