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8/13/2018 3:22:02 AM

Void Shield, Arc Pulse, Void Shield, Arc Pulse, Void Shield, Arc Pulse....

Bungie, I enjoy the difficulty Redux missions bring (ok, barring 1AU, I hate that mission with a passion now), but can Ghaul do something other than spam his void shield and arc pulses back to back every 0.04 seconds? I even counted how many times he used each ability last I fought him, and he used his arc and void abilities well over 30 times (I think 15-17 times each to be exact) while only using his Solar abilities about 7-8 times across two attempts. It continually became a slow process of waiting until all of his loyalists were dead and then waiting even more until his damn shield disappeared and he begun spamming his arc pulses. If I got slowed down by his nova somehow (it seems to hit through the walls), then I'd have to wait until that wears off and regen any lost health. By the time I can get some shots in, he's either getting ready to use it again and/or he simply summons more reinforcements. There's also the rare occasion where he glitches out of his void ability and then becomes immune to all damage until he uses it again, irregardless of the other ability he's using. Can something be done about this, either by allowing us to shoot through his void shield or at least decrease how often he spams this particular combo? It just feels more like a chore than a challenge having to fight through this spam combo every time I fight him. Other than that, I enjoy the difficulty the rest of the mission brings, even if some parts are infuriating to pass through.



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