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由Neomiles編輯: 7/30/2018 12:29:59 PM

Harassment by a stranger - no real reporting or support?

Yes Blizzard need to be more active here


Just ignore and keep going


Hi all, in my opinion, someone who is acting as shown in the screenshot should get a ban from any community access. I tried to contact the Customer Support (and yes I can just Ban/Ignore someone, but why should I accept such a communication?) without any luck. I am getting the instruction who to "report a player" - I know from the past that this function didn't work. Are you guys experiencing similar issues? How do you deal with it? For me it's kinda "well it's a stranger and I don't care" - but still I am getting angry/annoyed by playing a game. Of course you can't change people - but why are people like this allowed to "contribute" to this community?



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    Yeah I had a guy threatening to kill my family, really racist calling other people out by the nationality it was freaking ridiculous reported him and guess what nothing is going to happen nothing has happened.. that's why you avoid the people with their names blocked out and theyre privacy settings are so private because they don't want any retaliation can't even find out who I was playing with I had to freaking hit record and go back to the video. Left a terrible taste in my mouth in fact I quit playing Destiny 2 for a little bit because of it... but hey it's okay to scream racist things nothing will happen ha ha fml. Im done with yhe rage ing name hidding crazies



    以禮待人。發佈文章前請花點時間查看我們的行為準則 取消 編輯 創立火力戰隊 文章

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