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由ReclusiveRychu編輯: 6/28/2018 4:58:19 PM

Helm of Saint-14 IMPROVEMENT!

STARLESS NIGHT: Your Ward of Dawn blinds [i]and suppresses[/i] enemies that enter it. Guarding with Sentinel Shield temporarily blinds [i]and suppresses[/i] nearby enemies. This is something that I have always felt needed to be on Ward of Dawn. It is so easy to kill a Titan in their bubble with supers like Arcstrider, Striker, and Stormcaller (funny how they are all arc), even other roaming supers like hammers, and Dawnblade can just run inside a bubble and fire like crazy till the Titan is dead. I think this change to Helm of Saint-14 would make the bubble truly amazing. Nova Bombs and Golden guns could still decimate it, so it's not as though it is indestructible. Plus it would require use of an exotic to get the suppression.



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