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6/6/2018 12:32:14 AM

Conspiracy Theory on Human Origins

Okay so hear me out on this, and get your tinfoil hats ready. [spoiler]So what if humanity originally lived and thrived on Mars when it was green well into a futuristic sci-fi age where space travel was possible and humans could talk to each other mentally? Except, Mars was owned by 2 different countries that were in a Cold War with each other. Tensions were hella high but they didn’t want to send colonizers to Earth so as to keep the planet available if the war went hot, which it would end up doing. These 2 countries eventually both went to war and it destroyed the atmosphere, environment, etc, but right before, 2 escape pods launched. 1 pod carried a man, the pod itself being code-named Adam, the other carrying a woman, with the pod code-named Eve. The 2 pods eventually reached Earth and landed relatively near each other. The humans inside were test subjects that had no memories. They knew how to talk and behave normally and stuff, but just were grown in a lab and as such didn’t know about the Cold War tensions. The humans decided to name themselves after their pods when they saw, say, the names painted on the side or something. They then hooked up with each other, had kids, and kept journals of their lives. Meanwhile, the Martian governments would have survived underground so scientists could telepathically communicate with the humans on Earth to monitor their progress. The humans on Earth wouldn’t know what this was, and so would mistake the scientists’s voices from Mars to be God. As humans kept breeding, the telepathic communication trait would slowly fade away with evolution. Those that claimed to see God were probably just on drugs or something 😂 As well, the original language we spoke on Mars would devolve into the different languages we have today. All the different religions would be different people’s interpretations of what the Martian voices were. Once humans got on their feet on Earth and started founding countries, the Martian scientists would stop communicating with us to see if we could survive without their guidance as part of the experiment. This lack of communication would lead to the rise of Atheism because “oh there’s no proof God exists and he just lets all this shitty stuff happen to us.” And so now today the Martian governments are just still living underground and waiting for us to land astronauts there to reveal themselves to us and expose our true origins.[/spoiler] So there you go. What do you think? 😂



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