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由PeanutPunk585編輯: 6/2/2018 12:44:21 AM

Crimson, Gravitron, and The Vigilance.

You already know what I'm about to say. That these guns ARE great! But... I think to be far to people out there who are haters. They do require a nerf, but not a dramatic one, honestly it's just their stability, and recoil that makes them op. But that's it. Everything else is nice. Just, take it down a notch, cause I like these guns.... But they're getting overused just so people can win glory. And I'm not even that competitive, so yea, again I'm not saying they need the biggest nerf of the generation, just put down the stability, make the recoil of flinching higher, but enough to equalize the crucible again. (Edit): Either or, they can buff everything else to compete with these guns, and to be clear for 'some' people out there, I'm not asking for the biggest nerf out there to completly ruin the guns again. I'm asking for some minor tweaking to balance it out.



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