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4/13/2018 12:07:10 PM

The final battle with ghaul is a microcosm of what’s wrong with Destiny

It recently occurred to me that the last vanilla campaign missions battle with ghaul is, in a way, an example of what is wrong with Destiny currently. The entire campaign is spent building up this threat of ghaul. There’s a lot of hype. You think there’s gonna be this glorious battle. But then you just whammy him really quick with the supers and mechanically he isn’t challenging either. You think after he “dies” that there must be more. So when he goes all ethereal form on us you think “oh yes phase two or maybe raid boss now we’re talking!” But then he is just zapped by the traveler and that’s that. The point is this battle exemplifies a large problem with destiny—a lot of hype is built up, you expect more, and then the hype falls to nothing. There’s just missed opportunities abound in Destiny 2 and that final battle was merely one. I think a raid with god form ghaul as the centerpiece would’ve been much more epic. Hopefully the developers will recognize this (though for many it is too late) and change course for the better as far as delivering on exciting content goes.



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