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2/27/2018 8:56:22 PM

im usually not one to be negative but where the exotic duplicate protection at?

Last Friday I made a new Hunter, I got this beauty till 325 light... but I only have 3 Hunter Exotics so far. "Why?", you may ask. Excellent question! It's because I keep getting the Aeon Swift Gauntlets over and over again. I kept track: Exotic 1: Aeon Swift Exotic 2: Graviton Surge Exotic 3: Aeon Swift Exotic 4: Lucky Raspberry Exotic 5: Aeon Swift Exotic 6: Aeon Swift Exotic 7: Aeon Swift The story is similar with my Warlock. Ever since the Aeon Soul Gauntlets were added I've been getting them at least once in every 4 Engrams, and another 1 in 4 are the Ophidian Aspects. I don't like being salty on fora but I'm getting very frustrated now. There are still a bunch of Exotics I really want but I guess the game decided I need at least 5 Aeon Swifts. [i][b]Disclaimer:[/b], I know the duplicate protection is coming next month, but I can't handle a whole month of Aeon Swifts. I don't need 20. Just needed to rant.[/i]



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