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[PS4-EU] Crucible Focused Clan, Trials of the Ninety-Nine

Hello boys and girls, Are you struggling to improve your Crucible performance? Is your performance a constant hit or miss, and you can't exactly understand why? Do you often feel like you are losing, despite a solid performance, because your match-made team sucks? Do you want to have a fixed Fireteam but doesn't know how to get one? Do you get desperate when you are dead watching your mates and see them doing the stupidest thing possible? So do I. I want to improve my performance. I want to play trials. But I have no patience to be kissing good clans/fireteams behinds for a place. I'm creating this clan because I believe there's more people like me, and willing to give it a try with me. [url=][/url] Requirements are as below. It's exactly what I'm willing to give myself. - You are mature enough to respect your fireteam and not to rage quit on them; - You are in Europe (simply to make it easier to match schedules); - You play mostly every evening; - You play the Crucible mostly every time you play; - You are willing and capable of communicating in English (no need to be native, I'm not a native myself, but we must be able to understand you); - You are willing and capable of playing with audio mostly every evening; - You are willing to take the time to study the Crucible when you are not playing; - You can accept criticism and advice regarding your gameplay, armor and weapon setup; - You have a KA/d between 0.8 and 2. I'm 1.41 myself. The reason for this is, frankly, below 0.8 you have to work on it yourself before you decide to be more competitive, and above 2, you'll probably get bored with us. But I'll consider exceptions if requested. And most importantly: - You can follow orders during a match. If you are ok with all of these conditions, join us. V



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