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6/12/2017 12:17:12 AM

Destiny 2 - Arc Strider vs. Bladedancer (The Art Direction), Someone go get Cozmo!

Yay, Destiny 2! Roaming supers for everyone! Titans get a sweet new shield like Captain America to kick ass with, throwing it, blocking incoming fire, and being the Wall of Light that we know them to be! Strikers can stomp through enemy lines like the Hulk, literally trampling underfoot anyone making the mistake of getting in their way! Warlocks get a new version of Nova Bomb! Woo! With the death of stars at their fingertips, they can throw loads of Void energy across the battlefield. Dawnblade lets Warlocks soar above raining death from a sword of flaming justice! And Hunters get a new upgrade to Golden Gun, letting them fire off like a champion of Wild West films! Gunslingers have never been more aptly named, spitting death from the end of a gun on a lawless frontier. Arc Strider! The new upgrade to Bladedancer gives you a... staff? Wait, what? A staff. It's slightly pointy at the ends. And you spin with it. Hold on... Where did that come from? Bladedancer has always been about dealing death to your enemies with a twirl of your blade. "Dancer" is literally in the name. Okay, okay, let's look at this again. Defender to Sentinel: Become the Wall. Where a Void Titan stands, their enemies will not pass them. This makes sense: give them a shield with which to defend themselves and others. Sunsinger to Dawnblade: A Sunsinger basks in the warmth of Light, letting it flow through them to shine through their enemies. Now complete the Valkyrie look by giving them a flaming sword of cleansing Light to burn away the Darkness with. Bladedancer to Arc Strider: Beauty in annihilation. A Bladedancer whirls through the battlefield in a deadly waltz, zipping this way and that in a trance. Naturally, the only upgrade for a [i]knife-wielding[/i] maniac is a... [i]staff?[/i] What? Why not more knife? Not enough sharp things. Now don't get me wrong. I understand that Bungie wants to make a true sequel, but still, it seems a far greater stretch than any other Subclass. Why not a shortsword? Better yet, [i]two[/i] shortswords. Think about it: Bungie could still have all the twirls and swings and slams they want, keep the "balancing act" art style inherent in the Strider name and staff motif, keep the name, and the Subclass perks, and most importantly, [i]make the Subclasses more congruent.[/i] If anyone's interested in this, please let me know and try to grab Bungie's attention as well. Everything can change before the Beta and final release. I can also have concept art up for the "dual shortsword" version of the Arc Strider up on if you're intrigued. Again, let me know.



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