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Potentional Bonuses (Specific)

Hi, all this post has an reason why it has been created we havent seen anything yet at Destiny 2. the hardcore fans defenitly remember this way back So ill explain it too new people. In destiny they've introduced specific items to the game great step everyone was exicted to try it out differently is. only the small people that sees in destiny 2 that there aren't any or many of those additions its very dissapointing. I think many people want to see it comeback aswell some may like it or not. It was an great step titans owned & obtain different weapons that not even an hunter and warlock can't be allowed. Lore that can not be writen study and discover by titans and hunters only warlocks can obtain. hunters go look and extend the wilds not even an titan a warlock can run that fast. Whatever lol here is what destiny has -------------- example: Specific Strikes Armor Weapons exotic Different classes yet even adding titan perks hunter perks warlock perks on weapons ect. ------------- *Flashback* ------ they put some stuff in The Gunsmith at Destiny When u reach rank 2 On different classes U've earned an specific special weapon that has new interesting specific perks Reaching Rank 3 U get an exotic quest that turns out to be only obtained one per class specific warlocks, hunters, titans, Tlaloc for the Warlocks When Full super charged increases handeling speed reload speed. The Fabien Strategy for Titans Increased handeling Rate of fire and Stability when enemies close. The Aces of spades for Hunters Precision kills move on round to the magazine. Honestly i think of those specific additions will full a bit up from an hole. The beginning u have to choose what race u will be the Exo's Humans or Awoken. every race has no special thing that no other has. I really respect the hard work u guys are doing. but realize ------------ Thoughts of adding specific back on track. 1. Add back specific armor weapons exotic quests perks strikes ect. 2. Customize character menu races human exo's awoken some different capability no other has say bonus or an addition. 3. make them feel acceptable deserved enjoyable. Thanks for reading or Replying i appriciate it a lot Bump or Dump?



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