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1/5/2018 2:12:13 AM

Imperial Staff, clan staff

I joined a clan in season one, left that clan in season two, I did suspect that the staff you receive if your clan reaches max level would be taken away if you decided to leave the clan, but after it didn't look like it for a while then it did... then it didn't when I made a new character...... then it did as they are not available to any of my characters anymore. I'm tired of this staff or no staff game I've seem to have stumbled on, I would just like some clarification from staff or anyone adeptly experienced with this issue since I'm not able to find an answer for this anywhere else in the forums, so I can have an answer and move on. [u]Is the Imperial Staff item given to the [b]player[/b] or the [b]clan[/b]?[/u] If given to the player, why does it disappear from inventory? If given to the clan, oh well, such is life, I look forward to the next staff. Thank you for reading, have a good day and happy hunting in game.



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