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12/23/2017 9:52:10 PM

Not going to have anymore of my money!

A fool and his money are easily parted. . . . . . At the end of the beta known as Destiny the game, that is the beta that lasted 2+ years, bungie pretty much got Destiny right with the final updates that came with The Rise of Iron. I pre ordered Destiny 2 plus the two dlc expansions because of this game evolution and correction. I pre ordered Destiny 2 hoping bungie would continue and build upon the improvements they made in their long running beta titled Destiny the game, funded by us the players. I had hope but I also said to someone, "I can see this being just like Destiny was. A broken game being released unfinished with content released over the same time period as was in Destiny. They will -blam!- things up, come out with some bullshit and make a few changes". So far it seems like they are doing just that. How can bungie continue to repeat the same mistakes of the past i.e release a weapon so overpowered that it becomes THE weapon? I don't think I will be paying for anymore dlc after what I've already paid for > I will uninstall D2 > will NOT pre order anything else from bungie. There are fanboys who will defend the game to the bitter end and a sucker is born every minute AND too many people have more money than sense. Bungie are full of shit and don't give one shit for the players who fund their hobby and whom they acquire data from. I have NEVER bought silver either. I have so many issues with Destiny 2 and bungie but my life time, like my money, is far too valuable to be wasting it here.



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