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12/15/2017 12:41:55 AM

Looking for an end game clan. ( PS4: Level 314 Warlock )

I recently left my clan and I'm looking for a better fit. A clan who are based out of the East Coast and who won't be raiding until 4 am each night is my goal. I'm a working professional and I can't be up until a crazy hour on weeknights. Friday night and all day/night Saturday are when I do most of my gaming. I'm a power level 314 Warlock and Arc is my preference of choice. I have some experience with the end game content of Destiny 2 and I just need to gloves to complete my raid set. I also will be an active contributor to the need 5K a week for the Clan and will do my very best to fit in. I'm just really looking for a clan on the smaller side with no less than say 30 to 40 members who are active. I look forward to hearing from you.



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