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12/3/2017 4:35:22 PM

Features that needs to be added

Please add.. * Ability to have text based conversation across teams (aka general chat for). * Make VOIP required for RAID, STRIKES etc, as today no one uses this feature. * Ability to choose the PVP mode you want to play (aka I want to play CLASH only etc) * Remake matching system so you can play any mode, strike, raid etc even though you don't have a fireteam with 6 people. * Optimize matching system for PVP, its way to slow. * Punish quitter in PVP * Remove power weapons in PVP * Competitive PVP should be ranked (no diff between quick play and competitive) * Better clan page settings * Ability to see which weapons that can be infused directly so you don't need to go into every weapon/gear every time to see if something can be upgraded or not. * Guided games needs to have a timer when you are waiting (you don't know how long you have waited atm..) * Milestones that are shown via ghost cannot be shown if there are gitter or objects need to wait for all to clear out in the window..annoying. * Remake how objects are shown when you pickup stuff, like seeing the number of glitter you pickup is not really necessary. * When you are high level you always pickup TRASH gear/weapons, it feels like you spend hours on destructing gear/weapons that are not good at all. Would be good if this can be dealt with. Thanks for reading!



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