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11/24/2017 3:33:23 AM

Maxim IX Nerfed?

I got this New Monarchy weapon during the last Craption Rally and it was amazing. Seriously just auto aim track and pull trigger = Guardian dead. Then thst 1gb update came out like a week after and all of a sudden that auto aim lock seems to be gone. Clearly the sniper was broken in an easy mode way, but nothing was said about it and its not as it was before. I'm almost positive they reduced the aim assist on this weapon and are doing a lot of things without telling us. Last Hope has been broken...and Uriels is a joke. Bungie is a joke and they don't respect us. Some might say well its because we dont respect them. I would if they ever did anything to earn my respect. I'm a consumer, not their friend. They are an underhanded company executing underhanded practices while showing us slight of hand promises and delivering nothing of value to us the consumer. They are cooldowning us at every corner to get more money out of our pockets. The jig is up...lets burn it to the ground.



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