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11/18/2017 10:05:01 PM

Bugged Raid, Re-started game to try & Fix bug, got oath breaker debuff

TehDorsh#1855 I waited 45+ minutes in queue for a guided raid. Once i got in we wiped on out first attempt at the gauntlet. While everyone else re-spawned i stayed dead. We had everyone kill themselves to see if i would re-spawn after the wipe screen, i did not. I restarted my game to try and fix the problem but when i reloaded i was not in the raid team anymore and could not rejoin because i had the oath breaker debuff. So i couldn't join the same raid team or another game til that wore off (45 mins). I would then have to wait in queue again and i lost one of my guided game tickets that i got nothing out of. Thanks Bungie. Please refund my wasted guided game ticket at the very least.



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