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11/5/2017 2:31:22 AM

PC port forwarding/unblocking - Assistance appreciated

So I've been trying for the past couple of days to fix an issue which may (or may not) be on my end. When one of my mates (currently only one specific player) joins my party, wherever it may be, my connection instantly goes to balls. This is evident when on Discord, everyone starts to sound like robots, and then after a few moments in game, I get booted from the fireteam and sent back to orbit. Once I'm in orbit, but not in the fireteam, the connection is fine. My NAT type in game for the most part is OPEN, and the port 3097 has traffic. I just attempted to forward port 3074 after following Bungie's guide on port forwarding and unblocking, but this made things significantly worse. I couldn't see any enemies in the game world, and would get sent back to a check point after 30-60 seconds. We have a Microtik router, and UPnP is enabled. Is it worth forwarding all of the ports that should be OPEN/UNBLOCKED for TCP and UDP on Bungie's guide? Or is there another issue which may not be immediately apparent? Thanks in advance.



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