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Like if D2 is Disappointing ☹

I had fun at the beginning of the journey. Then I don't know what happened. The final nail in the coffin for me was the absence of prestige raid rewards. This time around I had the belief that D2 would pick up where year 3 left off. Not a few steps behind vanilla. I am Jack's broken dream. How are you guys finding the game at this point? How are you spending your time when online? Or are you taking a break till the expansion? Edit: Trending. I would like to thank you all for your contributions. It isn't satisfying for me that this post has so many people in agreement. I respect that the developers put in long hours and massive amounts of energy to craft Destiny 2. I understand that the product at launch is a foundation that will be built on in time. However, when you review the constructive feedback and the similar ideas from a variety of Guardians. It is genuinely surprising that Bungie didn't anticipate these issues would eventuate. Sadly this culminates in a validation of the title. At this point in time "D2 is Disappointing".



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