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AAA games are no longer about a genuine experience...

TLDR; activision has bought a patent for software that forces players into multiplayer matches with foes that are all using a specific item, thus enticing the player 1 to seek out these micro transactions that could give them said item. These will most likely be implemented into every future activision title ever. Here is a video that both expands and then simplifies the patent software. Which activision says is not implemented in any of their games. Ya ya ya, we all saw Deejs tweet. He linked the Rolling Stone article bringing this to light and assured us that destiny is not using this software. (He should have put a "yet" just to keep his own tail safe for when this shit storm inevitably starts a' swirlin'!) But mark my words. It will be implemented in every. single. future release to come. Destiny included. listen. This guy is a liar, whether he is trying to be or not. He just is. He has spent years showing us that he regularly speaks before he knows anything. Then, when bungie is revealed for what it is... (a mess of people that would rather admit that THEY DONT EVEN KNOW HOW OR WHY THEIR GAME WORKS than that they have lied) ...they force Deej to face the music. And we rip him apart. (Looks like cozmo is on the chopping block now for some reason) Here are a few examples of the community catching destiny in a blatant lie, and then pondering on why they have to be this way... [spoiler] [/spoiler] There are so many examples in the past, and there are so many to come. The Destiny franchise will go down in history as the biggest con the Gaming industry ever saw. Deej is/ bungie are liars. Based on their past behaviors and business moves THEY WILL implement this software and completely butcher destiny 2 into some bullshit CoD simulator without deddies... AGAIN.... or SBMM or balance.... and then have that fat bastard Luke smith tell us all to go FUK ourselves because he knows better. [spoiler]that big dumb idiot doesn't even play this game, the FUK does he know?[/spoiler] Deej, cozmo. I think it's REQUIRED that you guys put it in certified and legal writing that you will not implement this stuff... Oh wait, you can't, you don't even have a say in it, because bungie had completely converted to activision. [b]The sad truth is that AAA titles are no longer about creating a timeless experience. It's all about funneling suckers into a trough and force feeding them micro transactions. FUK content. FUK being the greatest game of all time. The ocarina of time. FUK a real game.[/b] [b][u][i]PLEASE STOP SUPPORTING THESE COMPANIES AND START SUPPORTING SMALLER DEVELOPERS [/i][/u][/b] Please. If you aren't a desticle, upvote, and stick around to see all the justifying posts on how this isn't even a big deal. Peace EDIT: Here is another link to an article with very specific details on how this software works



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