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10/20/2017 4:53:33 AM

Is the simplicity of destiny a marketing scheme?

So this is a conspiracy theory, feel free to disagree/agree I have noticed that destiny 2 is a lot like pre-dark below destiny 1, where it is very simplistic to the point where I thought up of a conspiracy theory: I think it would be true that bungie/Activision (I think it is mostly directed towards Activision) is making the game very simplistic Why simplistic? Activision has noticed that in the first destiny; it didn't have much content at first, but when it did, people got back into it. My theory is that Activision is keeping the game easy to play and hiding it because they want to release content with more in it so it can get good ratings, thus getting people to buy the game, having people play it more and end up buying dlc over and over just so they can get more out of it. [i]What do you think about this?[/i]



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