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10/15/2017 10:37:11 AM

Okay, that's it. I'm so -blam!-ing sick of how slow the Arc Staff is!

When your super DEMANDS that you be within melee range of an enemy to deal damage to them, it is rendered COMPLETELY -blam!-ING WORTHLESS when said enemy can evade it by simply moving in the opposite direction. Fist of Havoc moves faster! A super that belongs to what should be the slowest class in the game moves significantly faster than a super that belongs to what should be the fastest class in the game. PLUS, the Fist of Havoc has more range to its attacks, AND can attack from a distance. What does Arc Staff have!? -blam!-ING NOTHING! You run after an enemy that's already moving away from you? You get annihilated by him or his teammates! You simply can't live long enough to kill someone by moving that -blam!-ing slowly. The ONLY ways to kill someone using Arc Staff are if either you catch them by surprise, or they choose to engage you in a one on one fight with no super of their own or power ammo, something that only the stupidest of players would even attempt. Arc Staff NEEDS a boost to both base movement speed AND sprint speed, and the subclass it belongs to needs a decent grenade, because the ones we have now SUCK ASS.



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