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10/8/2017 5:40:58 PM

Awkward melee teleportation dance

Something seriously needs to be done about the weird melee physics/hit detection in this game. It happens even with a perfect connection, nothing to do with lag (although lag makes it worse). What happens is when two people try to melee they are flung towards each other (sometimes through each other) and you end up sort of back-to-back. Then each person is swiveling around and whoever is lucky enough to see the other first gets the next melee hit and usually wins the “brawl”. OR, you may swivel and see the other first but you’re so close to them the melee doesn’t lock on, so you’re staring at them swinging your arm when they beat you to a pulp. This brings me to SHOULDER CHARGE. Shoulder charge is often a death sentence because after the charge you either end up back to back, far out of melee range (so they shoot you when you can’t do anything), or almost inside of the person yet the charge didn’t connect. Last but not least is the total teleportation issue where I go to melee someone and BAM I’m suddenly inside a building I was previously outside of and the other person is 50 feet away, also swiveling to try and understand what happened. Please note this doesn’t just happen to me, I’ve seen many comical instances of people punching the air doing a do-si-do around their opponent because of the reasons above. PLEASE Bungie fix this!



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