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Hand Cannon accuracy too inconsistent? (Video evidence)

I'll admit that there is probably a little bit of bias here since I'm an avid hand cannon user, they work really well with my hit and run playstyle and I've used them since the Destiny beta way back in 2014. I didn't play much of RoI after completing the raid but the last time I used hand cannons, notably in the crucible, they felt fairly consistent and good to use despite not being the reinging champs. Now in Destiny 2 they feel so much less reliable, even in PVE content. I decided to do a bit of testing in regards to aiming crosshairs and actually hitting targets, the results were pretty bad to the extent that at anything beyond close range your shot isn't even guaranteed to hit your target if they have a small hitbox. I also feel that their range could do with a slight improvement to stop them being trounced by auto rifles so much but that could be my bias talking so I'll leave it be. The above video took me about 5 minutes of milling about in patrols to achieve, not long at all and shows me trying to shoot a vandal at what I would describe as the far end of medium range (medium range being the supposed optimal range for hand cannons). In total I fire five shots lined up over the vandal's head before one connects and kills it, no other weapon has this accuracy issue, even SMGs are more consistent if you can handle the recoil. I won't even go into how painful it is to use these guns in the cruicble but the bottom line is maybe Hand Cannons are due a little buff to accuracy? I understand not wanting to return to the horror of vanilla destiny but the whole point of hand cannons is to reward rapid, accurate shots and when even the best shots are unreliable it completely kills the archetype.



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