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9/25/2017 10:31:21 PM

Guided games: Oath breaker ban

So I was just doing guided games with a friend to help out people before the reset, until I randomly got a connection error. The game had been perfectly normal, but when we were at the boss (The Vandal Nessus strike), I got sliced by the boss once and got immediately disconnected from the game. I thought I could join back and finish the boss, but much to my surprise I had received an Oath breaker ban for 45 minutes and could not rejoin due to this. Whether or not me being sliced caused the disconnection, this was pretty infuriating. For guided games, they should make it so that if people disconnect momentarily for whatever reason from a game, they can join back instead of immediately getting banned. I don't believe this is unreasonable as being disconnected from destiny is not very uncommon, examples such as guitar, anteater, weasel, and so on. I realize this could be abused by trolls, so perhaps as an alternative way to get banned, they could do it so that if the perpetrator begins another activity or do not join back after a certain time limit, they would get the oath breaker ban. Thanks for reading this short essay/paragraphs about a miniscule concern that will not affect your game at all, but it would be nice if they could change it in case this happened again.



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