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9/21/2017 12:13:49 PM

Subclass mission location missing.....

Hey there :) So I was doing the final mission to retrieve my Titan's Solar subclass, after interacting with the Shard and going nuts with the super for about a minute I was 'Beetled' back into orbit! Balls.... No problem I thought, i'll just go back in and continue with/restart the mission. Open up the map and the mission location is no longer available! It's given me the Solar subclass which is fine, however, the achievement hasn't popped yet. So i'm wondering as I got booted from the mission and did not complete it will I get the Achievement or not? If not I guess I have two options: 1: Just accept that missions are broken and can no longer be accessed once complete (main campaign) and that Subclass missions are not accessible at all if you get kicked to orbit or the title screen whilst taking part in that particular mission. The upside to this, of course, is that I have the Solar subclass. 2: Melt the Titan and create a new one and go through the missions until I get all three subclass' back. Though I don't really want to have to go through another 15 hours or so to get to that point again. Was wondering if anyone else had this issue? Did you get your Achievement/Trophy? Did you have to remake your character again? As this isn't very high on Bungie's 'to do' list - any views would be great. T. Grace [spoiler]P.S. I would totally redo a Titan if that was the only way![/spoiler]



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