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8/8/2017 10:24:19 AM

"The Speaker is actually the Consul" theory...?

I've seen many videos on YT talking about this weird theory, but I don't understand why people gives so much credit to it. Nothing new about that the Speaker could have a dark side, but... be [i]The Consul[/i]? How do you get so far?  We know that the Consul is a Cabal Political Leader behind Ghaul's ascent as Military Emperor. We know that thanks to him, Ghaul managed to usurp the throne to Calus and exile him. But according to our sources this happened thousands years before Destiny's events. [i]THOUSANDS[/i]. The Speaker was not even there... he was revived like every other Guardian by a Ghost. He is a Warlock. We know this. So esactly why do you think that the Speaker may be the Consul actually?



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