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Edited. (Yeesh I was rambling lol. ) disclaimer: THIS IS WHAT I THINK, Ghaul apparently has a consul (A LONG TIME FRIEND) (whom we know nothing about) he speaks with this mysterious person about his plans. The only person i can think of is the speaker, everyone else has pretty much been introduced to us at this point. kinda The only thing we do know is he's missing/Being held captive. which to me is a huge plot giveaway/setup. The end game boss is a shapeshifter and easily damaged once he is vulnerable, a trickster or a magician. Which leads me to believe that the speaker is the end game boss maybe not the raid, but the campaign end fight. idk, Every other major battle we've been up against the boss had a huge gun/power/projectile of some sort, not just ever changing/shape shifting. We don't know what power the speaker has because we have never seen him in action. Is he Exo, Awoken, Human...or Cabal before they mutated into the horrible beast we see now. I believe the speaker is cabal. I believe the speaker was set out to find more power. and since the cabal can't return home until there mission is complete. He laid low in the tower until he could figure out a way to get the travelers light to the cabal, he settled here in the last city until he had a plan that would take him years to execute. i believe the speaker has been communicating and plotting ways of attack, to assist the cabal in this invasion. (what else could he be doing up there this whole time). IDK IM ALL OVER THE PLACE, MY HEAD IS SPINNING, I NEED MORE INFO!!! lol What do you guys think? Come On sept 6!!



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