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Destiny 1's story has more bearing than we have given it. We blindy followed what we were told to do, to fight an enemy we did not understand because we were told they were evil, lent a power of unimaginible capability. Maybe they had been told the same? Osiris was exiled from the tower, the speakers apprentice, why. "[u]Every end crawls from the same pit[/u], it cannot be stopped, but here it can be slowed, destroy the shrine to oryx". The smartest man who ever lived, Nikola Tesla (who believed in channeling divine energy and is responsible for 80% of our modern day technology, despite being alive a century ago, he was also fond of the sphere as an object and his cremated ashes are kept in them), he said there are four laws of creation. "The second law is to spread a darkness, which is the true nature of the light, from the inexplicable and its transformee into the light". The light and the darkness are not seperate, they are as one, an energy of the universe that can be chanelled by those who will it to be. "There is no beginning and no end, three previous laws always take place and the creation is eternal." We have ALL (every race) simple been tricked into conducting the natural order of the universe, creation, and destruction. There is no right or wrong philosophy. We simply believe ours to preserve life because it is what the human race has claimed to achieve, however we are just as hypocritical and destructive as the forces that seek to destroy us.



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