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D2 Beta - Hit Detection in PVP (Feedback)

Dear Bungie After playing the beta now since release I have found some minor issues with hit detection in PVP, this may just be personal experience but I have found a few inconsistencies with certain/all weapons (in some instances) in an all together fairly changed crucible, scouts and hand cannons are the primary weapons of this issue, with the scout being the supposed more "pin point accurate" weapon feeling very much inconsistent in shots and time to kill, sometimes killing in 4 shots, other times killing in 5-7 shots, the critical/precision hits not registering are the primary cause of the longer time to kill with the shots being taken at mid-close range (midway on the control map) being obvious critical/precision hits, the hand cannons are worse for this some time going from extremely accurate at close range and being 3 hit kills to not even removing the overshield in some instances, I understand to get precision hits with hand cannons now, you have to be very pin point accurate with a much tighter shot than destiny 1, I am unsure if this is intended by bungie or not but these inconsistencies make a very well rounded PVP experience feel broken. I hope this feedback has been helpful and I look forward to playing the full release on day 1, thanks again - Liam



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