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Gamertag Judgement: Episode Five (Name Roasting)

G'day and welcome to this week's episode of Gamertag Judgement! As always I'm joined by Tower, Keg and Sloth to discuss, dissect and critique the names some of oddly willing participants! This week however there are few changes afoot! We are now offering a prize of $10 in game credits to the winner, and that's not all! You, our beloved audience get to decide who wins simply by following the link below and casting your vote! If you are a fan of the show and would like to see our contestants more adequately rewarded, we've also started a Patreon with some fun rewards to let you do exactly that. Donations are in no way expected, just to be clear! If you've got a name you think could win you some cash, submit it wherever you are reading this, and trust me, we'll find you! Until then, good one! Vote here: Patreon:



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