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Civil Reactions to Arcstrider at E3

I don't know who will read this, but please keep an open mind, as I am trying not to currently say anything about what Arcstrider IS, but rather more about what it might be. We haven't seen much of Arcstrider yet, and with a preview being on the horizon, I wanted to address the forum in general and make a request about the inevitable posts on Arcstrider. So, I've been "complaining" about Arcstrider in the forums, and have seen a few other people with similar sentiments about Arcstrider looking a lot like Bladedancer. And my biggest concern was that although Bladedancer worked well for PVP, it was practically useless compared to Nightstalker and Gunslinger for PVE. And if Arcstrider follows the same theme, the same would happen for Destiny 2, leaving only 2 viable subclasses for PVE (which really reduces replayability when you get to the endgame). Now I'm going to predict one of two things happening at E3. Option 1 is that Arcstrider turns out to be a great fix for the Hunter Arc subclass, and makes the third subclass viable for PVE again. In that case, great, no worries, I'll sing Bungie's praises and say thank you to the people in the forum who listened. But Option 2 is that the subclass has the same issues as Bladedancer, where it has a super limited by two factors that are crippling for PVE when paired together: melee/close range only & Damage Over Time only. These two together mean that where some other supers do all their damage in one shot from a range and then shooting can resume, or damage is augmented by them, or damage is done over time but at range, etc., the Bladedancer is limited to staying in more close and more dangerous range for a longer period of time to TRY to match the same amount of damage, and even then, you might as well have used a tether or goldengun to be done already and moved on. And this means that while other supers are even viable against bosses... this super is not. And if option 2 happens, I'm sure there will be many people with concerns. So here's where the forums comes in. Bungie has repeatedly said that they love their community and want to hear what the community has to say, but there are also a lot of people on the forums who can be quite... toxic. There's quite a bit of vitriol going around, even at the same time as other people bearing their hearts and trying to be uplifting. And I was hoping that, with Arcstrider coming up, and with us having seen so little of it, and with the little we have seen being quite underwhelming, that people on the forums could actually have a conversation about the subclass. So what I wanted to ask was that if you see someone with a concern about Arcstrider after we get to see it in E3, please don't shoot them down immediately for being a "whining hunter" or voting them into the ground. Please give them a chance to voice their concerns about a subclass they would LIKE to be viable. They're allowed to have a voice, and as long as they're petitioning civilly, can we allow that civility to continue? Edit: It's also worth noting that people have expressed a similar concern to Striker being made into a DoT/roaming super for its PVE application. And that people have suggested solutions to both of these possible issues. But for now, I'm still just here to ask people to be civil when we see Arcstrider in a couple weeks. Edit 2: From the above video, it sounds like the second subclass tree could potentially be used to stun opponents, and may be able to prevent boss AoE damage for a small period of time, long enough to start Arcstrider and get a good amount of damage in. It also sounds like it has higher survivability and might be able to withstand that first boss AoE attack and maybe another, depending on how much enemy fire is happening at the same time. The second two perks are more focused around the Arcstrider neutral game, so for those who adored this aspect of Bladedancer, it looks like it's returning. This super might actually be worth using on bosses, but depending on whether or not that second subclass tree is available at E3, we may not get to see it in action until the beta. Hopefully there will be large enough bosses to test this on when that rolls around. Thankfully the wonderful Arekkz on Youtube replied when I voiced my concerns and said that he has similar concerns and will be trying to test the application of Arcstrider on bosses when he gets his hands on the subclass at E3. So I'll be looking out for that, and making a full post when I see actual gameplay.



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