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PvE Ammo Capacity - Is it Time to go Back to Pre-Nerfed April Update Numbers?

It's a Shooter - Can I have more bullets?


It's a Shared World Shooter - more bullets plz?


I hate bullets - don't give me more bullets!


Hey everyone. I just want to get this information out there: Special ammo capacity was nerfed across the board (in PvP and PvE) in last years April Update because Bungie was trying to fix the problem of too many special weapon kills in PvP (I'm not saying that was a problem, but Bungie thought so). After the ammo capacity nerf specials were still too prevalent in PvP and that is why they recently completely changed how special ammo works in PvP. Now special weapons are actually where Bungie wants them in PvP. So, [b]I propose that Bungie brings the PvE ammo capacity back to where it used to be prior to the 2016 April Update[/b] - for instance right now 2 sniper rifle ammo armor perks will increase your ammo capacity to 18 but prior to last years April Update those same armor perks would increase your ammo capacity to 24. [b]So, Bungie, now that you've finally gotten Special Weapons in PvP to work the way you want them to, can we have our PvE ammo capacity back?[/b]



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