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3/6/2017 5:23:57 PM
Even so, I think most of the Right wing Trump supporters would defend themselves because it is mostly unpatriotic to start anything. The Right has always and still tries to reconcile or compromise with a bunch of volatile college students. But their anti gun and ''non violent'', remember? So most of them would just be loud people with knives and mêlée weapons, and the only ones with guns would be the blind thugs, illegal Hispanics/African American chest beaters. Their only other help would be if a military coup happens, or Mexico declares war with us and supply the regressive babies and thugs/illegal with weapons. And maybe other Mexican/south American Troops. Which I doubt Mexico would fight head on, but if they did, they would need to send in not only troops, but cartels and mercenaries, literally exposing the entire dark side that is most of north are of South America. Which in it of itself will most definitely not happen. Here we have the citizens with guns protecting ourselves, plus the police, the other part or parts of the military that did not join the coup. Plus Canada maybe, because we have a weird contract about War, and Russia would 100% help the Right/non Leftist regressive. The ones that just want law and order. Or the America they know and love. I realize I didn't mention anything about the UN but they would maybe help by trying to retain peace, or help the Americans against the Rebels. Any flaws with this theory or stuff you may want to add, feel free to make the necessary comments.



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