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Deadly Star, Ch. 3: Bladedancer's Ritual

I meant to put this up yesterday, but school work caught up. I'll be more consistent in the future. If you missed the last chapter, you can find it [url=]here[/url]. The master thread for all Deadly Star posts is [url=]here[/url]. Enjoy! My trainer, Kelso, said he was taking me to a place that will grant me the Arc. A jungle, he says, in Central America. He says it's because of the life that the jungle is swollen with, but I do not understand what that has to do with Arc light. "I haven't trained anyone in years! I've only ever trained Bladedancers and a few Nightstalkers. I once trained a legion of Hunters." Kelso seemed a little nervous and excited all at once. I'm not sure he knows how he feels about having an apprentice. We arrived in the jungle, and there were many ruins and temples, long lost. Plant life covered most of them. Monkeys watched us from the trees, curious, hanging from the vines. This place was beautiful, full of life. Kelso approached and said, "I felt the same when Cayde brought me here for the first time. Best place for a Bladedancer to learn, in my opinion." I replied, still looking around in awe, "This place is amazing!" "Indeed, and this is where you take your spark, Kirk. Do you know [i]why[/i] I brought you here?" I pondered on it for a moment, but I couldn't think of the reason and I shook my head. "Arc energy flows through all living beings. The trees, the growth, the monkeys in the trees. But not all can channel such energy, because they lack something... Light. A being with the Light has the power to channel; but be careful, because the pawns of the Deep can channel that power too." Kelso stretches out his hand towards me. An energy twists and turns up his arm, and finally forming a spark in the palm of his hand. He says to me, "Take it, and do not fear. The Arc can give life... or take it." [i]I do not fear death[/i], I think to myself. I stretch my hand out slowly, grabbing the spark. The Arc Light twists like a snake through my arm, and spreads to the rest of my body. Pain flushes in many places through my body, and I fall to my knees. I say through gritted teeth, "I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid, I'M NOT AFRAID!" The pain courses through my body, in my head and under my rib cage. I feel the electric spark burn, Kelso staring into my agony. I feel the Arc finally embed itself into my Light, finally ending the pain. The burn lingers, but the hard part is over. Kelso get's me back on my feet and says with a cheeky grin, "Congratulations, you lived through the Arc! Now all there is to do is test it out." Kelso holds his knife to my face. "This is what will keep you alive, Guardian. The knife is what is feared of a Bladedancer." "We are going to test something: instinct. You must learn to not only rely on your rifle to keep you alive. Your abilities as a Hunter should be what you act on when attacked." How does Kelso expect me to use my abilities? I feel the energy, but when I channel how do I know what I am using? "Kelso, how do I use these 'abilities' when I channel them." Kelso just laughs and says, "Okay. A Hunter has a few main skills: His grenades, the blink strike, and the Arc Blade. Your first grenade is a basic attachable grenade, or flux grenade. Later I will show you your other options." "The blink strike is a quick lung with an Arc-infused knife. Finally, the favorite: Arc Blade. This is a sword summoned up with the Bladedancer's Arc Light, and it is relentless, like this jungle, like the wilds." [i]That is why I am here[/i], I thought. It makes me realize how poetic he is being, just in a training session. I ask him, "So, how will I summon the Arc for the first time?" He just smirks and says, "Instinct and sense of self defense, that's how." Kelso pulls his knife from his holster and walks towards me slowly. [i]Oh, no. Why this?[/i] I thought to myself. I realized how Kelso planned to do this. He was going to attack me, this early in training? This was crazy. Adrenaline rushes through me, and I feel energy pump through me and I throw an explosive arc grenade at Kelso. He jumps out of the way of the grenade on instinct. He says, "Good, good! It is already working, then." He keeps walking toward me with the dagger in his hand, sparks flying from the edge of it. I sprint towards an old pyramid-like temple, to hide and find some way to strike as silently as possible. [i]Why am I doing this? He's crazy![/i] But it's effective, isn't it? I was already able to channel it with ease after feeling a sense of danger. I hid behind an old wall, having my knife ready. I hear Kelso approach, awaiting my chance to strike. He finally passes me, and I lung out from behind the wall and stab him in the back. He screams in agony as I pull the knife out and take off again before he recovers. I run closer to the jungle, out of sight from Kelso. I hear him laughing as he recovers from his wound. What surprises me is his ability to keep humorous during this time. I hear him shout, "A fine use of your blink strike, Kirk, but it will only keep you alive for so long in a real fight! The true power of a Hunter lies with an Arc Blade." [i]The Arc Blade. What I have yet to bring forth[/i], I thought. I come out from the bushes, and see Kelso waiting for me in the clearing. He holds a sword, sparks flying from it, and electricity curling and coiling around it. I know what he wants: a duel between swordsman. "I hope you are ready, Guardian. A relentless mentality brings forth the blade." I keep the words fresh in my mind. I must do this if I am to go any further as a Guardian. My anger rises, and I feel the aura of the wilds surround me. [i]The law of the jungle[/i], I thought. That is what a Hunter lives by. The electricity flows through my body, building up to give itself physical form. I feel a sword materialize in my hand, full of Arc and the power to take life. A grin creeps onto Kelso's face from the satisfaction of his accomplishment. He was more than ready, but he did not know that I would be too. He lunges toward me with lightning speed, seeking to catch me off guard. I used my blade to thrust myself away from Kelso's attacks. He makes a second rush, but on instinct I release a shockwave traveling in all directions. The wave of Arc pushes him back, stunning him. [i]How did I do that?[/i] I thought. These strange energies are pouring out of me when I need them, but how? [i]Instinct.[/i] The question answers itself in my head. Kelso walks closer with a smirk on his face. Now I know why he hasn't trained a Hunter in a while: brutality on the first day. He rushes me and our blades finally collide, creating sparks of whirling Arc energy around us. I lift my blade and try to cut his shoulder, but Kelso quickly backs away from my stroke. He runs towards me again, and all of a sudden he disappears and reappears in front of me. The move took me by surprise, and I look down to see his blade through my chest. I go into a state of panic, feeling my life fade away. The blade exits my upper body, and I see my mentor's ill-humored grin in my final moments. [i]The cold between the stars is unbearable. Do not despair, it's temporary, oh listener mine.[/i]



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