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So, after this last """patch""" and I write "P-A-T-C-H" 'cos In my opinion patches should fix thing and not ruin them (but I don't make games so maybe my opinion is simply wrong), the Bladedancer SubClass now have: a nerfed Hungering Blade, a nerfed Quick Draw, a Nerfed Blink and a nerfed Shinobu's Vow and my question is only one: why? For what -blam!-ing reason Bladedancer it's been nerfed so much to become almost impossible to play? With "almost impossibile" I mean that, of course, we can still chose it both for PvP and PvE but why should we do that when Gunslinger and Nightstalker are so evidently better now? I wrote it before, I do it again: often we've seen Topics about the problem of Arc Blade in PvE, often we've seen how Arc Blade wasn't a so great problem if compared with the Super of other SubClasses... so, WHY, tell me WHY Bladedancer it's been so much damaged by this Patch. And for the Traveller sake, don't even try to tell me because of the many grypes by other players against the Bladedancer. I could understand a nerf about the capacity to reach enemies in mid air when they're jumping, but not this shit. Sorry for my bad English, sorry for all this Topic that will be probably taken as a stupid post but seriously, I want an answer.



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