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由EyesOnSuper編輯: 2/10/2017 11:23:53 PM

Use your brains, guys. (Bladedancer "nerf")

About this whole bladedancer nerf and everyone crying about it makes me realize how this community has little critical thinking skills. Lets think about this. What kills a bladedancer most while trying to kill a guardian? A shotgun critical blast to your head/melee and a lot of the times it doesnt work. So. Now that shotguns will barely have ammo and they can't critical.. What stops a bladedancer from swiping a whole team in close proximity(They are very hard to team shoot) blinking and or double jumping and on top of that regent health every kill.(Unlike the cool down on the similar sunbreaker perk) Point is with all the changes to the crucible sandbox Bungie saw a potential problem and everyone should actually start looking at this for what it is: an indirect bladedancer buff because now it will be significantly harder to shut you down(same with stormcaller and sunbreaker)



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