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Addressing the BladeDancer situation.

Hungering Blade. A Perk that regenerates your shield when killing an enemy with a melee. You know who also does that? Sunbreakers. And they also regenerate from the grenade. There was literally no reason to touch BladeDancer. The only reason I can see was the devs just hated Arc Blade. Yes i'm a salty hunter, but they did this last time. They nerfed BladeDancer last Crucible patch with little to NO reason why. It nearly killed the subclass, and it certainty killed Blink (can't wait to read about that...) I doubt they even know the PROBLEMS with BladeDancer. I'll just list them shall I?: • The Super stalls after a jump or blink (Ending up in a good 2 second delay leading to your death). • BackStab is inconsistent STILL. • QuickDraw is pointless now it's on an Exotic (which has more benefits). • The Super itself runs out quicker than a StormCaller (because of the ridiculous nerf to the energy after a swing). • Shortstopping is still a thing (And it's STUPID). • Arc Blades are EASILY avoided by a Titan (which is the most popular thing in the Crucible right now). • The armor during the Super is abysmal (You can be defeated by any regular shotgun net thanks to the Super Stall). • NOW Hungering Blade doesn't regent your shield properly (Sunbreakers can but who cares am i right). And that's just off my head. This subclass clearly needed a nerf right? Ultimately, Bungie needs to explain this very abrupt change in more detail. They labeled this change as the "bad news", but It could be a good change if it were to do its job to its fullest. If it healed you immediately (instead of regenerating), I could welcome that change. If it is just a worse regen, then Bungie, I have no words. I know a lot of you will point at skips, but all they need is a timer like axion bolts. After 5, they explode and disappear. Done. Dealt with. Please, that's all BladeDancers have at this point. Why use a Blade when you can just regen with a better more useful hammer? I'd like answers Bungie. We'd all like them. TL;DR: If Bungie don't give us answers on Hungering Blade, i'm gonna really dislike their dev team. Edit: To be absolutely fair here, the main reason i'm mad at this change is not the change itself. The delivery of this tweak was very poor and had no valid reason. But if it is exactly how he describes it (heals a chunk of health), that is viable. Very viable for multiple engagements actually. The problem here is that he did it because he was "frustrated by it. That's completely insane and not a good reason to change a very solid and inoffensive perk (especially after the display of skill we saw in that terrible Crucible match... ugh...)



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