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Chosen III

CHOSEN Chapter 3: Something Something Destiny “Guardian, I see the Light in you.” Ikora said. “Strong yes, but untamed, The power of the sun doesn't seem to fit. I suggest we use we use a different method. The void is spiraling around you. It is time to embrace it. Train your control over it in the crucible, and become legend”. Bjorn had escaped to find Daltec, after the great Salad theft, but Zeta was here with me, introducing me to this tall-looking half-horny guy. “This, my friend, is the mighty Lord Shaxx. He sets-up and assesses the abilities of Guardians within the Crucible. Let me just sign you up for it”. Shaxx walked up to me, making me kind of nervous, but I somehow managed to stand my ground. “Heh, a courageous Warlock?” Shaxx exclaimed, shocked. “It would be easier to find a Hunter who loved staying in the city!” I have to admit, I may have blushed a little, being judged as brave by this Hulk of a man. “Well, I see promise in you, kid. Take this. It'll help you on your way”. Shaxx handed me a rifle, massive and blue. It came up on my HUD as the Hopscotch Pilgrim. “This thing is amazing, really. Just get used to the burst-fire, and you’ll do well”. Zeta said, admiring the stats of the gun. “Now get down there and kill some people! I have too little time for idle chitchat!” Zeta had taken me onboard his ship. It was a fine-looking machine, and looked better than Daltec’s old junker. We were heading for Earth. A place known as ‘The Twilight Gap’. “Here, you can properly test out the new abilities you have, as well as that Pilgrim. Wow, really. Rifled Barrel, Explosive rounds, and Full-Auto! He sure did give you a God-Roll of a weapon!” Ghost perked up. “Traveler’s light! He probably doesn't know what that means!” I spoke up, a little shy. “Actually, it is where the perks of the gun are quite rare or useful, and work together to better effect the use of it”. They both looked at me, dumbfoundedly. They exchanged glances. “Uhh, did you get smarter since the blinding?” Zeta asked. “Ever since Ghost poofed that old Rifle”. “Which one?” “The Fate of all Fools, I think it was?” Zeta recoiled, then slapped Ghost. “That weapon has a type of Glimmer, smart ones that are currently only found in the Suros Regime, that can repair or heal damage. I think that holding that gun has made you well damn smarter! Or at least has repaired your brain. Not much, but it's progress”. I smiled at his kindness, and looked ahead. “We’re here”. Crucible was terrible. For the enemy team. I had been flinging my grenades at those other guys, and Zeta had really carried the team. I had worked out how my Nova Bomb worked as well, that's what he called it anyway. The amount of kills that I had racked up were immense, compared to a fresh-rez, according again to Zeta, about 22. The Pilgrim had come in handy as well, just sending bursts of my ammunition into the Orange-Team, while Zeta got the kills. It was not a long match by far, and Zeta had gotten a ‘The Devil you Don’t’. “I'm gonna give this beauty to Bjorn. He collects the Devils. But his favourite was ‘The Devil you Know’. These are twins, and I'm sure that Bjorn would appreci-” I was out cold on the floor from exhaustion and boredom. Didn't understand what he said, really. Or did I..? Meanwhile, Daltec was heading for the House of Honor encampment, looking to leave his Vestian for a sweet-looking Ironwreath. I saw through his HUD on Bjorn’s spycam that he was talking to one of those unholy insect things. I immediately threw down the visor. I took out my ‘Hopscotch Pilgrim’. This thing was a beast against others, how about these INSECTS. I raised the rifle as I slowly walked through. Ghost floated at my side. “You know Guardian, before I found you I had a dream I found you. I raised my expectations too high.” I pushed my Ghost away. Walking as slow as I was it would easily take year to walk a mile so I sped up. “You know what? Just get us to that shack. I'll get us a Sparrow. Then you wouldn't have to trudge through all this snow”. I used my glide to get through the snow. It was a blizzard out there. A sparrow craft may do me some good. I waited for a good ten minutes, and realised that I can indeed think straighter. I guess that the Future British guy had good intentions. “Okay, Sparrow’s up. I have the guidance manual for children here if you need it”. “No, thank you”. I got on, feeling familiarity with the hovercraft. It turned out that I was a natural. “Okay, get to this area”. A marker appeared on my HUD. There was another marker. An Ultra. “The Hell? An Archon priest was spotted around here, but an actual Prime Servitor? We’d better call in some reinforcements!” “Daltec and Bjorn. Now!” I located the Visor, and saw that Bjorn had finally caught up with Daltec, and was demanding the sidearm, when a message popped up in his inbox. “‘Prime Servitor, please help. Aion’?” Bjorn asked. “Let's just go!” Daltec shouted. “Okay Ghost, they’re on their way!” I called over. Ghost was tinkering with itself. “What are you doing?” “This is also against Vanguard Policies, but would it matter if we die?” Ghost zapped one of the floating Robots, a Shank, and it started firing on the insects. Ghost then went around, activating the Fallen Tech to our advantage. That was when a giant Fallen had appeared. “We are so done. That’s the High-Priest. It is also one of the members of the Splicer Division. It has technology all over it. My scan of the comms seems to show that it is trying to find something, like, a virus?” And this is the point in which Daltec drove his ship right into the Splicer.



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