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Blinkstrike needs to be addressed.

Let's talk PvP. I'm honestly curious as to what Bungie's intention was with blinkstrike. All other melees have actual effects (for simplicity's sake, let's ignore the melee perks) which are immediately obvious. Stormfist/sunstrike/scorch - damage Throwing knife/thunderstrike - range Smoke/energy drain/disintegrate - utility Now, blinkstrike is obviously supposed to add range but it failed miserably in this aspect and moreso after the April nerf. Look at the progression of its worsening utility: - In year 1, its range was already less than a DEFAULT warlock melee. But hey, at least they had a range advantage over titans, right? - TTK release; thunderstrike just obliterates blinkstrike, making it even more useless relatively -Titan melee buff; narrowed the gap, decreasing its usefulness even more - April Hunter nerfs; pretty much the same range as a standard titan melee. Bungie logic: nerfed because too "advantageous" (I'm betting all Bungie employees play warlocks and frequently get destroyed by hunters) So what do we end up with? Blinkstrike is obliterated by thunderstrike/throwing knife and destroyed by a standard warlock melee. It is a "special" melee that essentially confers Hunters the same range as a titan with none of the utility or damage. Perkwise, it is lacklustre; backstab being too highly situational, invis being useless in pvp and fast twitch...well, it just recharges a useless ability quicker. To top it off, it doesn't even trigger hungering blade all the time due to the glitchiness/lagginess and chaos of melee fights. My suggestion: -Range buff. It should, at the very least, have more range than a standard warlock melee. -Modify fast twitch to work in the same way as overload or stoke the forge so that it won't be overpowered (spammable) -Slight damage buff. This will compensate for thunderstrike still absolutely outranging it. Do you guys think this is reasonable? Please like to bring this to the attention of Bungie if you agree! If not, please discuss in a civil manner :).



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